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Diverse loose shingle driveways with fast installation

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Gravel Driveways

Gravel driveways, also known as loose shingle driveways, offer a low cost, low maintenance driveway solution which can be laid quickly and is ready to use in no time.

Gravel driveways can be designed to suit the needs and use of your property, from light domestic use to heavy traffic, and Axtell Surfacing offer a range of gravel types, sizes, and colours to achieve a great looking and durable driveway at a competitive price.

Axtell Surfacing offer high quality gravel driveways for fast installation and a low maintenance finish to your home or commercial property.

Speak to our driveways team today to find out about our range of gravel driveway options or get a quote today.
Large driveway gravel

Why Choose a Gravel Driveway Installation?

Gravel, or loose shingle driveways are an often overlooked driveway option which may be the ideal choice for your property. Gravel driveways are a fast and easy to install driveway surface which is ready to use almost immediately and can last for decades.

Gravel Garden Path with Flowers


Hard wearing, low maintenance driveway surface

With superb drainage and unsusceptible to damage by weather, water, tree roots and wear and tear in the same way as other driveway surfaces, gravel and loose shingle driveways, a well-laid gravel driveway can last for many years. Should a part of your gravel driveway become marked or stained, simply remove the affected area and re-level your driveway at no extra cost and without the need for groundworks or repairs.

Ideal driveway material for long driveways and rural properties

For rural property driveways, loose single and gravel offers a more sympathetic and less imposing driveway material, as well as being flexible enough to deal with uneven surfaces, tree roots and other natural ruts and bumps. For properties with long driveways gravel is a popular choice both aesthetically and as a cost-effective driveway material to cover a large area.

Fine Driveway Gravel

Speak to Axtell Surfacing for Gravel Driveway Advice and Quotations

If you need a fast driveway installation, a gravel driveway can be laid and settled in less than a week and used immediately. Here at Axtell Surfacing, our wealth of experience and knowledge can help you with all your surfacing needs across Guildford, Godalming, Farnham, and Surrey. Contact us today.

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