6 Signs It’s Time You Had Your Driveway Resurfaced


Driveways put up with a lot, harsh weathers during the winter, high temperatures in the summer and constant use of cars, bikes, vans, and people. But even the most durable materials will eventually show signs of deterioration. A well-maintained driveway is important to giving off a good impression and protecting your car from damage so […]

The Pros & Cons to a Resin Bound Driveway vs Concrete

Concrete surfacing being laid vs Resin bond driveway

If you are looking to refresh your driveway, deciding which materials to use can be a tricky decision. With a range of materials available including popular concrete and resin bound options, you need to know a bit about these driveway surfaces and how they compare in order to decide which is best suited to your […]

Driveway Resurfacing | A Guide to The Different Types

brick driveway

If your driveway is displaying cracks, exposed aggregate and potholes, then it’s time to resurface it. Driveway resurfacing is the middle ground between minor repairs and a complete overhaul. Resurfacing your driveway can solve widespread damage without the expense and inconvenience of demolishing and replacing it. Axtell Surfacing & Groundworks, experts at driveway resurfacing in […]